Bubble Wrap Boa

One day when it was slow at the mall, I was sitting at the piano playing and happened to notice my friend, Pat in the gift department. I’ve always liked her, she has a great attitude, she always has a funny story to share and Pat loves music. I always knew she paid attention to my songs because I could hear her softly singing or humming to most everything I played and she really has a great voice. Anyway, I decided to play some of her favorite songs including “Hey Big Spender” and “The Stripper”.  So I’m sitting there playing my heart out when I look up and see her doing a not so innocent dance to “The Stripper” in center court, wearing and working a boa that she constructed out of the bubble wrap she was using to wrap gifts in!

Now, I think people purposely try to mess me up while I play, like asking me questions, expecting that I can answer and carry on a conversation with them while not missing a beat. Or trying to make me laugh, doing crazy things while wearing bubble wrap. Well, this lady has all the moves and is doing everything she can do to make me crack up and its working! She was absolutely hilarious, I really could not keep playing anymore, but just sat there on the bench while her and I had a good laugh. We still talk about that to this day! If you’re wondering if that incident drew a crowd, no…..it was a VERY slow day and no one but she and I knew what had happened.

Yes, Pat loves to dance. Another time I was playing a song called “Misirlou” which has an Arabic or Egyptian feel to it. Something colorful caught my eye and I looked up and there was Pat, who had taken a brightly colored scarf from accessories and was dancing around like an Egyptian or like the Queen of Sheba in center court! She makes me laugh on a regular basis doing little impromptu dances at unexpected times. Pat is definitely a bright spot at the Mall!

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