Weekly lessons are 40 minutes in length. I use a flat rate payment system that is an average of each week in a semester. No lessons will be rescheduled for any reasons other than illness or family emergency. In such cases, it is the student’s responsibility to contact me to make up the lesson within one week. (as long as I have availability) In the event a lesson is not made up, it will still be charged to the student. It will be the student’s responsibility to do the extra practice time that it will take to make the lesson worthwhile.  

Shannon’s Responsibilities:

-do my part to help each student succeed in reaching their musical goals
-provide a professional studio environment free from distractions and conducive to learning and music-making
-teach students how to practice effectively-arrange performance opportunities for the student in the form of recitals, etc.
-teach students using a well-rounded approach that includes music theory, proper piano technique, piano repertoire, functional keyboard skills and more
-teach the individual and adjust my teaching approach to the needs, strengths and weaknesses of each student-provide a positive and fun atmosphere where learning will happen and beautiful music will be made!

Student’s Responsibilities:

-arrive at my lesson with my books, assignment notebook and other needed supplies
-read my assignment notebook each week to make sure I practice all that is assigned
-decide on a consistent daily practice time when I will be well-rested and free from distractions and other commitments
-thoughtfully practice my assignments and pieces each day, using good piano technique and practice strategies as explained by my teacher Shannon
-complete any weekly theory or other assignments before my next lesson
-try to reach my weekly goal and fill out my practice sheet with the minutes that I practiced
-listen attentively at lessons without doodling around on the piano
-arrive at my piano lesson with a great attitude and ready to learn and make music!

Parent Responsibilities:

-get my child to scheduled lessons on time
-provide my child with a real, well-tuned piano for daily practice
-help my child find a daily practice time free from other commitments, noise and distractions
-sit down daily with my young child and help them practice (up to age 7)
-sit down at least once a week with my child to help them practice (ages 7-9)
-encourage my child in their piano practicing in a positive way and praise their efforts and successes
-sit down often and listen to my child play the piano
-provide my child with opportunities to be exposed to and listen to great music (including classical) –in the car, at home, on the radio, at live performances

Practice Makes Progress

-Families should plan for regular uninterrupted practice sessions daily. Their recommended practice time will be noted on their weekly practice sheet. (More about that follows) Practicing can be done in two shorter sessions to improve concentration for the young) For the very young, their practice time will start with a few minutes a day, gradually increasing over time.

For each student in your family receiving lessons, plan a specific time of day for practice and stick to it! Many find that before school is best, especially for the older student involved in many after school activities. If there is practice, there is progress! For adults, find a time during the day that is best for your schedule and again, stick to that time. I believe mornings are the best no matter what the age of the student. Students will receive weekly practice record sheets with their personal practice goal. I expect these sheets to be filled out, signed by a parent and brought back to me the following week. Parents, please encourage the student to reach their practice goal. This is so important! No practice, no progress. Little practice, little progress. If a student continually has low practice minutes, I will be in touch with the parent to find out why.


I will hold occasional piano concerts/recitals in my home, church or elsewhere. Parents and family members will be invited. I may ask for help with refreshments.

Parents and Grandparents are always welcome at lessons!