Born and raised in Iowa, Shannon Janssen began playing a small electric organ when she was very young. She has very few memories of it, but her parents remember Shannon making up tunes at a very early age. When she was seven, formal piano lessons began. Her Austrian piano instructor was strict, requiring Shannon to practice only classical pieces. After mastering the music her teacher would give during lessons, she would spend additional time at the piano learning pop songs and working on her own compositions. Shannon continued lessons through high school, then studied piano with a passionate pursuit that led her through the years. In the late 80’s, she began teaching a neighborhood child and within a year she had 40 students per week.

Shannon has continually performed professionally for many years in a wide variety of different venues. She is and has been a church pianist since she was very young and continues teach private piano lessons today.

At the request of people attending Shannon’s performances who wanted to take her music home with them, she recorded her debut album, “Heart Journey”. Within a few years, she recorded two more albums “Piano Paintings” and “The Keys of Christmas”. With Shannon’s original pieces and her interpretations of her favorite Christmas Carols, all of her CDs have been a success. After performing several concerts, she has realized that smaller venues were more to her liking.

She loves sharing her talent and love of music with her students, teaching them to not only read music and play the piano, but to improvise and write their own music. She is so pleased that many of her students play in their home churches and several of her past students are now successful piano teachers as well! Please contact her if you or your child would like to enroll in lessons.

More Information About Shannon’s Music

“My goal is to create touching music that will warm hearts, to play music that will lighten the listener’s load during these uncertain times we live in and to share the gift of music with my students. I meet people from all walks of life in the various places I play and have many years of stories to tell of my life behind the grand piano.”

~Shannon Janssen~